Punarnava Vati for Metabolism and Constipation - 100 Tabs

Punarnava Vati improves metabolism, relieves constipation, bronchitis, copd, asthma. It is a diuretic and effectively treats liver and kidney diseases.

Punarnava (Hogweed, botanically Boerhavia diffusa) is a herbal diuretic that helps to maintain efficient kidney and urinary functions. Punarnava is highly beneficial in all problems causing edema and fluid retention. Punarnava Vati is punarnava decoction in easy to take tablet form.

Benefits of Punarnava:

* Effectively normalizes metabolism

* Clears obstruction of Doshas in liver and kidneys

* Enhances diuresis

* Digests aama in deep seated diseases

* Improves digestive power

* Acts as a laxative and expectorant

Ayurvedic properties: Diuretic, Tridosha Pacifier, effective on Raktavaha and annavaha strotas.

Traditional uses: Punarnava Vati is used in deep seated and chronic diseases of skin, Hepatomegaly, Spleenomegaly, Anemia, Ascites, Hemorrhoids, Rheumatism, Worms Infestation etc.

Ingredients in Punarnava Vati: Each 250 mg tab is prepared from punarnava decoction

Dosage: 02 tab twice or thrice daily. (250 mg each).

Packaging Size: 100 Tablets