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Nirogam All-new Hair Tonic Combo with Bhringaraj and Neeli

Almost everyone is having a hair problem. Nirogam has recently launched a new hair revitalising Combo which will provide you with all the nutrients to repair your hair.

It consists of 3 products : 

1. Neelibhringadi Organic Oil : Apply every day 1 hour before bathing. Warm it up a little, and massage gently on your scalp

2. Triphala Tablets : 3 tablets with a glass of lukewarm water 1 hour before sleep every night.

3. Hairaan Lotion : Wash your hair, and apply this lotion 10-15 drops after every bath. This lotion nourishes your hair follicles, and prevents greying.

Use this for 2 months. And report back the good results.
Ensure you do not have any spicy or oily foods, when you are taking this treatment.