Medohar for Cholesterol & Weight Loss - 60 Capsules

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Medohar aids in reducing high cholesterol and improving digestion and metabolism. It is also an excellent weight loss formula to safely reduce love handles and manage weight. 

MEDOHAR ACTIVE CAPSULES are formulated based on the Fat Reduction Formula of the ancient scriptures. They not only help in reducing the body fat but also help in correcting the fire (agni). With ingredients like Loh Bhasm, Triphala, Kutki and Nagarmotha , MEDOHAR removes various types of toxins from the body while curing acute as well as chronic disorders of the digestive system. Thus, it is a boon for the obese and those suffering from Hyperlipidaemia (too much fat in the blood).

MEDOHAR ACTIVE CAPSULE is an ancient secret to fitness!

With herbal contents like Guggul, Chitrak, Kala Jeera, and Pippali, MEDOHAR helps to :-
* Fight Obesity
* Manage Weight
* Reduce Love Handles
* Enhance Digestion
* Regulate Cholesterol
* Remove Toxins from the Body

Packaging Size: 60 Capsules