Ksheerabala Oil for Relief from Skeleto-Muscular Pain

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Ksheerabala Oil offers quick relief from skeleto-muscular pain. It is an effective treatment for sciatica and spondylosis.

Organic Ksheerabala Oil is made from organic sesame oil and organic cow's milk when used on a regular basis for body massage; it creates harmony of the entire system.

Good for:

  • Relaxes the stressed out body
  • Improves circulation and helps detoxify
  • Balances nourishes and promotes sense of well being
  • Best for daily or periodic oil bath.

How to use:

Can be used daily or regularly for abhyanga (application on head body and feet) as a regular body massage follow with -warm water bath.

By applying small quantity on skin after bath, works as a good moisturize too.

When rubbed onto the sole and feet it promotes sound sleep.

Packaging Size: 200ml

Organic Oils contains no animal products and is suitable for vegetarians. 100% Certified Organic.