Bakuchi for Vitiligo and Leucoderma - 60 Capsules

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Bakuchi is an effective vitiligo treatment and also treats related skin diseases and conditions. It shrinks white spots on skin and reduces pigmentation.

Vitiligo is a non-infectious and non-transmittable skin disorder where there is gradual enlargement of the depigmented spots into white patches. Areas like back, eyelids, lips, palms, palm back, face, scalp and bony prominences are mostly affected.


  • Incompatible food
  • Improper hygiene
  • Harsh anti biotic
  • Past history of jaundice
  • Disturbed immune system which reaches a stage of auto immunity
  • Suppression of natural urges
  • Misuse of ayurvedic detoxification therapies

Incompatible food

Low digestive fire

Poor digestion

Building up of toxins (aama)

Imbalance in the body humours

Ayurveda terms this auto immunity as kilasa and is further known as daruna, charuna and swithra, depending on the tissues affected. Toxins develop in the body due to incompatible food combinations and they destroy the body’s immune system also leading to aggravation of pitta dosha. Bhrajaka pitta (a sub type of pitta) is the one responsible for colouration of the skin. Due to the imbalanced bhrajaka pitta, the skin starts losing its colour and white patches appear. Along with pitta, rasa, mamsa (muscle tissue), lasika (lymph) are also involved.

Ayurvedic approach and the line of management:

  • Pacify pitta and other aggravated body humours
  • Blood purification and cleansing
  • Administration of herbs which can restore skin colour
  • Restoring digestion
  • Correction of diet and lifestyle
  • Panchakarma procedures like purgation, bloodletting etc.

Some home remedies for vitiligo:

  1. Lemon juice mixed with tulsi leaves extracts can be used for local application.
  2. Application of radish seeds with vinegar is said to be beneficial.
  3. Bakuchi seed powder with coconut oil can be applied on the affected areas.
  4. 5 tsp. of turmeric powder mixed in 250 ml mustard oil can be applied on the white patches twice daily for beneficial results.
  5. Bakuchi seeds combined with tamarind are also useful. An equal quantity of both the seeds should be steeped in water for 3 days. They should then be shelled and dried in the shade, then ground into a paste and applied on the white patches.
  6. Red clay mixed with ginger juice in the ratio of 1:1 can be applied over the white spots for beneficial results.

Diet and lifestyle changes:

  • Avoid all pitta aggravating food items like citrus and tangy fruits and vegetables, tomato, papaya, oranges, lemon, curd.
  • Limit the intake of oily, spicy and non-veg food, chocolates, cocoa products and tinned food.
  • Increase consumption of bitter vegetables Bakuchi The best known herbal remedy for vitiligo is bakuchi. The botanical name of this herb is psoralia cordifolia.

Action of Bakuchi:

    1. Bakuchi helps skin to rejuvenate by working on the liver and removing the toxins from the body.
    2. Bakuchi is useful in indigestion and aama.
    3. It is also used locally in leucoderma
    4. Bakuchi is irritant and it removes the upper layers of the skin.
    5. Bakuchi helps in shrinking the white patches; the darker area slowly covers all white skin area, which leads to visible skin changes.
    6. Bakuchi herb acts on melanoblastic cells and successfully stimulates it.
    7. Bakuchi has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-oxidant properties.

Directions: 1-2 capsules twice a day.

Packaging Size: 60 Capsules


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