AZ-Shape for Nutrition, Metabolism and Obesity - 60 Capsules

AZ-Shape is a natural herbal anti obesity formula that improves nutrition and metabolism. It shows how to lose weight and how to lose belly fat naturally.

A natural herbal formula that supports proper metabolic functions and weight management.

A Dietary Supplement:

AZ-Shape helps to lose weight progressively the same way the body gains weight. It helps to keep skin tight while losing weight with maximum health and no side effects.

Helps the body to digest the excessive deposits of unhealthy fat accumulated in the body.

· Suppresses the appetite and stops sugar craving.

· Helps to stay healthy while dieting.

· Helps the body to burn excess fat and fat is converted in to energy which the body uses during this process.

· Provide energy and stamina.

Ayurvedic Concept:

Obesity, known as Ati-Sthula all in Ayurvedic ancient science, is an increasing problem in the developed world and has sustained many ill health effects. It may be the result of a sedentary life style, over eating or after effects of some specific conditions like hypothyroidism, Cushing syndrome (endocrine disease due to imbalance of hormones) or after treatment of some specific drugs like corticosteroids and oral contraceptive pills. The main causes of obesity mentioned in Ayurveda are over-eating, Agni mandya (disturbed digestive fire), production of excessive Ama (undigested food particles), excessive use of foods that are heavy, sweet, cold and unctuous, lack of exercise and sex act, day sleep, lack of mental and physical exertion and inherited tendency to obesity.

In Obesity:

It is the fats alone that keep on increasing and other body elements do not receive proper nutrients. Consequently, there is shortening of the life span. Owing to the flabbiness, tenderness and heaviness of the fat, the obese man gets hampered in his movements.

Owing to the paucity of the semen and obstruction of the genital passage by fats, the performance of the sex act becomes difficult.

Owing to the disturbance of the body elements, debility results.

The presence of morbid fats, as also from the innate quality of the fat element, and excessive sweating lead to fetor smell of the body.

On account of the admixture of fat with Kapha (water) and excessive fluidity, there is an inability to bear the strain of exercise and there occurs the distress of excessive sweating.

On account of the acute gastric fire and excess of Vatta (air) in the alimentary tract, there occurs excessive hunger and thirst


AZ-Shape contains the herbs specifically described in Ayurveda for obesity and obesity-related conditions. As a Dietary Supplement AZ-shape helps to lose weight progressively the same way the body gains weight. It helps to keep skin tight and healthy while losing weight with optimum health and no side effects. Re-Slim is a safe and balanced formulation, a complete plan for losing weight by causing dissolution of adipose tissues and checks its further formation.

Comments: AZ Shape gently detoxifies the body, supporting proper nutrition and metabolic functions. It gently scrapes the fatty toxins from the system while improving the digestive power. It allows proper digestion, absorption and assimilation, which ultimately result in proper distribution of nutrients to the body. It also helps in controlling excessive hunger and desire for sweet meals. Whether the individual is obese or just slightly overweight, AZ-Shape when coupled with exercise and proper diet, helps to achieve optimum weight. Excess Kapha (water) in the form of fat and water can be successfully reduced with stronger pancreatic, splenic, hepatic and renal functions. AZ-Shape strengthens these organs by cleaning them and providing a more efficient metabolism and elimination process.

Possible Indications: Obesity, edema, hyper cholesterolmia, overeating habits, indigestion, constipation and high blood pressure due to obesity.

For Best Results: AZ-Shape is best used when taken with warm water mixed with lemon, rock salt or black salt and honey.

Take Triphala and Trikatu every day to enhance the benefits.

Foods to Favor: Take lukewarm water half an hour before each meal. A light diet (low-calorie diet) consisting of rice, green gram (lentil) soup, black gram (lentil) soup, fresh leafy vegetables and drinks prepared from yogurt (90% water +10% yogurt mixed with rock salt & pepper) should be taken.

Barley, honey, watermelon, papaya are more beneficial. Do lots of physical work or exercise. Morning fast walk helps in burning excess calories of the body. Purgation once a week with some laxative powder is more effective. Fasting once a week will be quite effective. Fibrous diet should be favored.

Foods to Avoid: Heavy, fatty, fried and junk food should be avoided. Don't take cakes, pastries, chocolates, sweets, seafood, eggs, meat products (except chicken), noodles, milk products, nuts (except yogurt), alcoholic beverages and bananas

Avoid cold drinks and alcohol. Milk products (except yogurt) should be avoided. Over eating should be avoided. (Eat less food than hunger) Don't sleep in daytime especially just after taking meal.

Dosage: Take 2 capsules after breakfast and 30 minutes before lunch and dinner. Start with 2 Capsules a day to get body adjusted and increase slowly after 1 or 2 days. Use for a long time for progressive results.

Packaging Size: 60 Capsules

Caution: Pregnant women should not use this product.

Extra support in small dose from triphala, bitter melon, betal nut, noni, gurmar is beneficial.

Note: Try to avoid excess use of fatty foods and carbohydrates. This formulation takes 30 to 40 days to show significant results--slowly and steadily.

GMP & ISO Certified Manufacturing Facility: Laboratory tested for quality purity and heavy metal standards.

No preservatives or artificial colors.