AZ-Mind for a Calm Mind

AZ Mind effectively soothes anxiety and calms the mind.

AZ-Mind contains the herbs which have safe history of usage for many centuries in Ayurveda (Indian Herbal System). particularly for thousands of years for improving the level of brain in all the terms like in sharpening the memory and decreasing the stress level. We may say that experience modifies the structure of the mind, i.e., through the persistence of their modifications; the past experiences influence present behavior and mental process. Some part of the structure of the mind, innately determined or inherited and all that are added to it or changed in it by the course of experience is usually and conveniently included under the term memory. All those conditions that affect the mind, in turn, affect the memory. Memory loss is very common in this present era due to stressful life conditions and day to day worries and hurries.

A Natural Herbal Formula to fight daily stress and healthy nervous system Natural Herbal Stress and fatigue care Formula Enhance physical and mental ability to fight stress. Promotes memory in all aspects like learning, retention and recalling

Main functions: A natural strong adaptogenic in action. Helps to support person's natural physical and mental abilities to fight daily stress. Increase alertness of the mind by rejuvenating the brain cells Increase the memory and retaining power of the brain by reliving the stress. Enhance the memory by increasing the learning capacity and concentration. Are best known for giving calmness to the mind and are also very useful in insomnia and as brain tonic Are best used in case of stress-related headache and anxiety disorders. Help to stimulate the mind and are useful in depressive conditions. Are used for intellect promotion as they increase the sharpness of mind. Supports calmness and relaxation and rejuvenate the general debility.

Packaging Size : 60 Tablets