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Ayurvedic Treatment for Varicocele (No Surgery Required)

Varicocele is a difficult problem to solve. Not anymore. Nirogam brings you a unique combination of ayurvedic medicines for treatment of Varicocele.

This combination includes 3 supplements : 
#1 : Daily Defense Capsules - This contains Curcuminoids, the active phytochemical extracted from Turmeric which helps in regulating the pH levels of the blood, and also serve as an immune booster. Curcuminoids are proved to be one of the most powerful antioxidants present today.
Dosage : 1 capsule twice a day 30 minutes before meal

#2 : Maharasnadi Kashayam Tablets : This supplement when taken, will relieve inflammation in the body and also helps to treat the cause of Varicocele, largely related to poor blood circulation and chronic venous insufficiency. It improves blood circulation and relieves varicose veins in the whole body.
Dosage : 2 tablets twice a day 30 minutes before meal

#3 : Chandraprabha Vati : This Ayurvedic classical preparation is recommended in all urinary disorders as well as infertility. This improves sperm motility and production, as well as relieves any pain. 
Dosage : 2 tablets twice a day 30 minutes before meal

You can address Varicocele now, without any surgery, with this combo treatment pack. Order yours today.