The Benefits Of Yoga Explained

November 30, 2009

yoga2 You must have heard and read about people who have transformed their lives with the help of yoga. Even though we here about success stories all around us there are times when we can’t resist asking… is this really for me? Can I really lose weight with yoga? Will it help me de-stress myself? It is alright to ask these questions, after all you will be spending some money on yoga classes or if you decide to hire a yoga instructor. Please read on to know how Yoga is actually the best holistic practice for you or anyone else.

Physical Benefits:

Flexibleness: Yoga involves lot of stretching exercises or poses. Someone who does not exercise regularly has a tight body. Stretching yourself in new ways will definitely help your body become more flexible and stimulate your muscles and joints. After a while you will yourself feel that your back, shoulder, knees and hips are more flexible.

Strength: Several yoga poses will make you balance and support your body weight in new ways. Such as the tree pose where you are required to balance on one leg and the downward facing dog pose where you have to support yourself on your arms. Moving in and out of these balancing poses will make your body parts stronger and fitter.

Muscle Tone: Your muscles will be toned as you continue with your yoga regime everyday. As your muscles will get toned your arms and legs will have an improved look.

Pain prevention: As your body becomes more flexible and strong, the chances of getting back pain or shoulder pain will decrease. Some people who are required to sit in one position due to their work feel tightness in their back as well as spinal compression. Yoga will help you enhance your alignment which will help you in preventing several body aches due to bad posture or lifting of sudden weight.


Improved Breathing: We breathe 24/7, but without giving much thought to it. Most of the time we take in shallow breaths which does not even reach our lungs properly. The most popular yoga exercise Pranayama focuses on improving our breathing pattern and promote better usage of our lungs. The way we breathe has an impact on our overall health, both mental and physical.

Mental Health Benefits

yoga Makes the mind calm: The practice of yoga is vividly physical. Concentrating so raptly on how your body is moving calms the minds. In Yoga one has to be focus his awareness on the breath or the body movement. Centering your attention on one thing is a form of meditation. Whenever you start your yoga session make sure you leave your worries behind. A good yoga instructor will guide you properly in doing so.

Reduce stress: Practice of yogis poses with all the physical movements is excellent for stress release. Yoga requires a great deal of concentration because of which your everyday problems just vanish in thin air every time you practice yoga. A clear mind will not only help you in stress reduction but will also help you put things and issues into perspective.

Body Awareness: The practice of yoga will make you more aware of yourself and your body. The yogic poses will help you balance your alignment and make your body more comfortable. You will soon have a better posture plus a greater level of confidence.

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