Ten Simple Lifestyle Changes To Help Your Kid Lose Weight and Become Fit

December 29, 2009

kids obese obesity child Supporting your kid in losing weight requires the whole family to come together and stay committed. It will be so much simpler for the young one to accept and happily keep going with the changes in the food habits and physical activities if he has the entire family to support him. The following suggestions also work well for families who wish to keep away from weight gain. Good healthy food and physical exercises have always benefited anyone and everyone. 1. Move for an hour everyday Support your child in getting at least an hour of activity involving physical movements. This could be walking to and from the school, playing with friends for half an hour, or participating in practice sessions for a sports team. Take care that your kid has the necessary safety gear. Moreover, there are several other ways through which your child can have the required physical exercises. 2. Fruits and Veggies Get your kid to eat minimum five servings of fruits and vegetables everyday. This will help your child get enough nutrients as well as antioxidants. Draw up a rainbow chart: how many varied colors of vegetables or fruits can your kid in a week or a day? Do not fry the veggies, serve them raw, boiled, steamed and stir fried in olive oil. 3. You have to be a role model for your child to be inspired You will always be a role model for your kid. So start with have a healthy diet yourself and getting some exercise. You do not have to workout rigorously, just start by half an hours of morning walks or swimming. It would really motivate your child if he sees you using a cycle or simply walking instead of using your car for nearby distances. You can also take family membership at sports complex for fun family workouts. 4. Reduce sugared drinks Opt for water instead of soda, use skimmed milk and freshly squeezed juice. 5. Restrict screen hoursTell your kid that he can watch tv, play games or use computer for not more than two hours. Don’t be too harsh and make sure these two hours are not inclusive of online school assignments. This will give your kid more free time for his physical activities. 6. Break-Fast everydaySkipping breakfast has never helped anyone is losing weight whether it is an adult or a kid. Moreover a proper meal discourages snacking. 7. No TV in bedroomHaving television in bedrooms make the kids spend more time inside instead of out playing. Same is with adults. 8. Eat more at home It is lot easier to keep a check on what your child eats, at home instead of a restaurant. Yes you can always order a salad but the temptations are way too many to handle in a restaurant. 9. Be creative and make the physical workout session fun Ask your child what really interests him, it could be kung fu, tennis or even dancing… enroll your child in a training class for the same. Ask you child to help you with housework. 10. Your child needs a cheerleader…You! Praise, reward and encourage your child for every effort he or she makes. At times your child may create a fuss or act cranky just say no but with a smile!
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