Risk Reduction for Cancer

May 27, 2008

More than 11 million people are suffering from cancer today in the U.S and the number is growing every year by approximately 30%.

These are not numbers arising out of the blue but have been extracted from one of the reports written by the National Institute of Cancer, U.S . The surveillance epidemiology and end results (SEER) is the software used to statistically analyze and report the numbers.


Doesn’t this alarming number of 11 million and growth rate of 30% cause turmoil in your mind? Cancers in form of breast cancer, uterine cancers are affecting any postmenopausal women today and colorectal cancer, prostate cancer are widely diagnosed among the elder men above sixty years. Apart from these, ovarian cancer, leukemia and multiple myeloma of the skin are some other deadly conditions growing in prevalence. Also, we are aware that once diagnosed, there are risks associated with the treatment of cancer even in modern medicine. Moreover, even if the treatment is successful, it is definitely painful. Chemotherapy and radiations exposed to the patient literally transform the man into a bundle of flesh and blood. What are we then doing to prevent this deadly disease? Are we still sleeping saliently with an ardent desire and expectation that this would never affect us or are we actively doing something to reduce the risk? No more can we rely on reports which do not contribute to the reasons and risk factors of cancer on the pretext that the subject is poorly researched. The lives of the patients and their families turns into a misery and sometimes death is more welcome than therapy. Such is the brutality of cancer. We as enlightened human beings need to understand the intricacies and the criticalities of cancer as a disease and swear to take measures to eradicate this disease soon from the world!

For eradication, we first need to protect ourselves. After all, charity begins at home. To our enormous help, the prevention is as simple as vitamin supplementation. According to many research papers today, Vitamin D plays and important and active role in the prevention of many cancers, practically all of them. To substantiate this claim: 60% risk reduction in all cancers and 77% reduction in actual cancer rates have been documented in research papers on consumption of vitamin D. Hence from now on we are not on God’s mercy to protect us from cancer but the almighty has enabled us to help ourselves!

Vitamin D is no less than a miracle vitamin which is oil soluble and is not readily available in the body and neither can it be supplied in any food item. This vitamin is synthesized in the body when you are exposed to direct sunlight without wearing a sunscreen. The B radiation of the ultraviolet rays of the sun form this miracle vitamin also known aptly as the ‘sunshine vitamin’. More scientifically, this is not only a vitamin but also a hormone as it is produced within the body and secreted through ductless glands. The miracle healing hormone also known as the sunshine vitamin blocks cell proliferation. This brings the uncontrolled division of the cells to a hold and check and thus there is a control on cancer. Also, the blood vessels and the immunity are strengthened to keep the patient in a better condition and avoid allergies, flu and other ailments. Moreover , This vitamin  helps as a helping hand in the absorption and metabolism of calcium which is in turn vital for the neuronal, muscular and metabolic functions of the brain. Infact even the strength of the bones is a derivative of the calcium metabolism in the body and hence vitamin D supplementation is also recommended in cases of fractures, arthritis which is an auto immune disorder and many others.

Some of the conditions where the ‘sunshine vitamin’ or  the ‘healing hormone’ is documented to improve the condition are:
“    Alzheimer’s disease where a patient typically above 65 years loses his short term and slowly also his long term memory.
“    Parkinson’s disease where there is no coordination in muscular movements.
“    Arthritis as discussed where pain and swelling near joints and cartilages are observed.
“    Adrenal insufficiency
“    Cardiovascular risks
“    Eclampsia as a complication in pregnancy
“    Diabetes and glucose intolerance
“    Hypertension
“    Depression
“    PMS
“    Obesity
“    Myopia
“    Infertility

Hence if you or anyone in your circle is suffering from the above mentioned diseases or disorders, it would be definitely beneficial to take supplements of vitamin D. However, since there are always two sides of the coin and an excess of anything is bad, a doctor’s advice is called for the calculation of the right dose as he best knows your condition.

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