Natural Help for Atherosclerosis

January 10, 2008

Hot spices like Ginger (Adraka), red peppers or cayenne, yarrow, and Garlic (lahsuna) are very helpful is lowering the stickiness of the blood. It prevents clotting and the clots/atheroma (accumulation and swelling in artery walls), already present in the arteries. Hawthorn Berries also help in some way.

Chelation, the infamous therapy prevalent in the USA, also dissolves atheromas and flush it out through the kidneys by offering the patient, a combination of anticoagulant drugs containing EDTA (Ethylene-DiaMine-Tetracetic acid).


To brief you about Atherosclerosis, a simple build of fatty deposits in the arterial walls of the heart is what it is. Major causes are Smoking, eating fatty foods / bad cholesterol, poor or nil exercise regime, and all kinds of stress. Hence, when this buildup occurs, it hardens and calcifies over the time and prevents the arteries to expand or contract. Atherosclerosis will cause arteries to become blocked, will cause the blood flow to be restricted and hence the organ and tissues become affected and might stop working. It can cause a “brain stroke” as well.

The symptoms of atherosclerosis are : angina (chest pain), cramps in the legs, poor circulation, ulcers everywhere, dizziness, weakness, feeling breathless, poor memory, mental confusion, weak pulse, poor dexterity, affected agility etc.

We have made a special supplement to dissolve this plaque and prevent the hardening. This supplement is called Hridayamrit Rasa. The main ingredient of this Hridayamrit Rasa is Arjuna (Terminalia Arjuna). Ayurvedic practitioners consider Arjuna herb to be a cardio protective. We find that Hridayamrit can help induce the following benefits :

  1. - Improve HDL / LDL cholesterol ratio
  2. - Help regulate blood pressure
  3. - Strengthen the Heart muscles
  4. - Improve poor blood circulation
  5. - Oxygenate the blood
  6. - Eliminate Heart Murmurs
  7. - Increase internal warmth
  8. - supply needed oxygen to the heart
  9. - nourishes and strengthens the heart muscle
  10. - promote healthy cholesterol levels
  11. - Increase vascular output
  12. - Decreases peripheral vascular resistance

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