How to Identify and Deal With Symptoms of Herpes

June 11, 2008

It was around the time my daughter was expected to take her first breath. I was a little afraid, perhaps even stressed with a tiring pregnancy which changed my lifestyle and put me off my routine; but still the happiness of soon holding my own blood in my arms was very much there.

At this stage when I was not very sure of how I would be reacting to the most critical stage of labour and child birth, the most important person I wanted to be with who could give me moral support was my mother. She realised the same and she was there to accompany me during the last month of my pregnancy for which she had taken a planned leave from her work place. After all, mother’s instinct is the strongest instinct.

One week before my due date, my mom started feeling as if she had developed rashes on her inner thighs, she felt a little uncomfortable but didn’t consider the same to be worthwhile being discussed at the time when she was there to give me courage. The very next day, the rash became more intense and I could see that she was very uncomfortable. However, since nothing was visible on the skin, we conveniently assumed that the condition is not very serious.

But soon, within the next twenty four hours, sores developed on the skin which we thought was a bee sting or an insect bite. This was also tolerated by mom because she never suspected that something could be more wrong with her. But that was not the end of the misery. The pain, itch and discomfort only grew with time and on the fourth day, we landed up at the dermatologist's clinic for help. It was then that Herpes was diagnosed for my mom and she was advised to keep distance from me to avoid transmission of infection.

In fact, isolation in another room was one of the actions prescribed by the doctor. I kept discussing with the doctor and even convinced myself that my mom was going to stay with me, even if it meant to restrict her to another room. This was for another selfish reason, I wanted her to be with me, no matter what happened. But my mom decided to leave as she didn't want to risk my health or the baby in my womb.

I was able to take my baby to my mom’s place only after a month. Yes, it took my mom forty days to recuperate till a situation where she could at least stand and walk by herself. But all this pain was nothing in front of her sacrifice of not embracing her grand daughter until she was completely out of the infectious stages. Lets have a look at the infectious stages in Herpes which make the patient more and more restless and sick.

Primary stage

This is the initial stage where nothing is visible on the skin. However, a tingling and itch on the skin are some characteristic symptoms which restrict movement and make the patient uncomfortable.

Latent stage

This stage comprises when the infecting virus, Herpes simplex passes on to the nerves from the outer layer of the skin. Excruciating pain is one of the characteristics.

Recurrent stage

This is the stage when the attack may re occur due to stress or very weak immune system. Not everyone goes through this stage but who ever goes through faces a tougher recuperation both psychologically and physically.

Herpes Simplex virus is the monster virus which causes herpes which could be even prolonged up to years of infection depending upon the immune system of the patient. Basically die to a weak immune system the fight between the virus and the system are brought out in form of Herpes symptoms. The infection could be in the oral cavity or below the waistline, generally on the hips, thighs or legs. The latter is referred to as genital herpes and the therapy involves strengthening the immune system and fighting the virus with anti viral agents.

Some agents, which could help faster recovery from herpes are lysine amino acid which promotes healthy cell formation, red marine algae which reduces formation of herpes virus colonies and lemon balm with sulphur which help in destruction of virus cells.

Some considerations which relieve the discomfort of patients to some extent are:

  • Bathing in lukewarm water.
  • Keeping the sores dry and cool.
  • Cool padding the sores repeatedly.
  • Improving the immune system.

- Gunjan

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