For All Those Who Hate Dark Circles

November 30, 2009

eyes darkcircles Of all the age related or stress related conditions most people dread dark circles the most. The fear of dark circles is more prominent in females. Dark circles can be avoided and lightened with the help of home remedies. But before that it is essential to know the reasons that cause dark circles.

Causes of Dark Circles

Thinning of skin
The skin above and below the eyes is quite thin and extremely delicate to start with. As we grow older, the under eye skin and the fat pad becomes slenderer, making the blood vessels more noticeable. This thinning of skin causes dark circles. Direct and prolonged exposure to the sun increases the dark circles as the skin is further weakened.

Hayfever and certain allergies
Dark circles are also caused by allergic reactions to airborne substances like pet hackles, pollen or dust particles, these substances make people rub the eyes profusely because of the itch. People who are suffering from hayfever might observe them at the peak of the season. Allergic reactions to certain foods can also lead to dark circles.


At times, dark circles is caused by hereditary, it kind of runs in the family. They are somewhat more prominent in people who have deep set eyes and are extremely fair.

Water Retention
Blood vessels below the eyes are prone to dilation and stuffiness, which causes dark circles. The dilation is caused by either smoking or excessive intake of dark circles. There are several health conditions that cause water retention such as liver ailments, kidney problems, thyroid or heart diseases. At times, certain medicines also contribute to blood vessel dilation.

Lack of proper sleep
Improper sleep makes the body sluggish and the skin pale which permits the blood vessels to be more seeable through the skin below the eyes, which causes bluish or blackish dark circles.

Iron deficiency leads to blue-grey tint below the eyes.

Dark circles are also caused by dehydration, increase your water intake to improve your skin health.

Home Cures for Dark Circles

Home remedies are best for curing or avoiding dark circles. If under eye creams are 10% effective then home remedies are 70% effective in curing dark circles or at least lessening the impact.

1. Drink water, lots and lots of water. Average requirement is eight glasses of water each day make sure you are meeting this requirement.
2. Whenever you go out in the sun apply a good sunscreen under the eyes to prevent the damage caused by the sun.
3. Human beings need rest so make sure you are getting proper rest and are not overworked all the time.
4. Place non-herbal teabags in refrigerator for fifteen minutes and then apply them over the eyes.
5. Place cool slices of cucumber over your eyes for fifteen minutes everyday.
6. Make sure to keep the level of dietary salt under control.
7 Have foods that are rich in Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps in toning the blood vessels under the eyes.
8. Antioxidant pigments found in certain dietary supplements helps in toning up the blood vessels under the eyes. Grape seed extract is a good source of antioxidant pigment. Certain food products are also rich in antioxidant pigments, some of them are cranberries, bilberries, black currant, legumes, blueberries, green tea and black tea, onions and parsley.

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