Easy Juice Fast To Detoxify Your Body

November 23, 2009

juiceEverything from a machine to our body needs cleaning from time to time. You must have heard about loads of detoxification diets that are quite difficult to follow, however, juice diet is the simplest detox diet of all. I am sure you will find it quite easy to stick to. But before you start you must know about certain do’s and don’ts related to the juice diet… so read on.

In a juice fast you have to have only fresh fruit juice, raw veggies and only water for a short duration. The fruit juice will provide your body with the much needed nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. While you are on a juice diet you have to stay clearly away from any solid food.


The continuance of juice fast

The duration of juice diet can vary from one to three days. Some people stretch their juice fast till ten days. However, to start with two to three days should be sufficient.

What is Juice Fast all about

  • The warmer months of the year are the best time to start a juice fast. But there are no restrictions, you can go on juice diet whenever you wish to.
  • You have to start preparing your body for the juice diet about four to seven days beforehand. Try to reduce or eliminate alcoholic drinks, caffeinated drinks, nicotine, fish, eggs, dairy products and animal meat. Switch to more fruits and vegetables, brown breads and brown rice and beans and pulses.
  • You have to have atleast 32 to 60 ounces of juice during juice fast each day. You need to sip the juice throughout the day. Do not stick to single kind of fruit or vegetable for juice; include variety of fruits and vegetables such as pineapple, spinach, carrot, celery, kale, tomato, cabbage and apple.
  • You must have atleast six glasses of warm water along with the juice.
  • Do not use tinned or canned fruits and vegetables for the juice. Use freshly squeezed fruits and vegetables only for your juice fast.
  • Certain people may find it hard to stick to this juice diet. Instead of going off the diet it is best to try a little variation by including one light meal a day during the fast.

How to discontinue juice fast
Do not binge eat right after your juice fast. You body has been on juice for a while and may find it difficult to digest solid food all of a sudden. You should gradually start eating solid food. Start with raw fruits, then take light helpings of whole wheat bread, start with a single cup of tea or coffee… and so on.

Who all should avoid Juice Fast:

  • Pregnant and nursing mothers.
  • Children
  • People with health conditions such as diabetes, eating disorders, liver disease, any particular addiction, anemic, infections, low blood pressure, terminal ailments, low blood sugar, kidney problems, malnutrition, underweight, impaired immune function, any kind of nutritional deficiency, inflammatory bowel disease, epilepsy, cancer or tumor.
  • People who have had surgeries should not try juice diet till fully recovered.
  • People on any kind of prescription drug should consult their doctor before staring a juice fast. A juice fast may reduce the levels of blood proteins and alter the effect that prescription medications have on the body. Do not stop taking medicines or reduce the dose just to start a juice fast without consultation.
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