Did You Know What Water Can Do?

June 21, 2008

The Powers of Water – Unraveled…

We know that we can live without food for a while but not water. The most essential thing to sustain life is oxygen and water comes second. On an average an adult human body is made of 55 to 75% water whereas 80% of a human embryo is water. And only fresh water taken daily in the adequate amount can keep one fit and fine. Though water looks simple and naive once it enters the body it works hard to keep it healthy.

Eating habits are associated with our body weight. But in fact, it is not only what eat but also what we drink . Most of the posts on health would say ‘Drink enough water’. What does water do?

Water regulates body temperature, helps with blood circulation , takes the nutrients and oxygen to cells and cleans the body of its waste. Water plays a major role in digestion, in aiding weight loss and even in enhancing beauty!

Water itself is nutrition

Water is the most vital nutrient for good health and yet, we hardly come across the name in this context. WHO, in its detailed report on the nutrients in water acknowledges that drinking water may contain many of the 21 minerals essential to body.

Water keeps the fat off and clears the system

Water is devoid of any calorie in itself. And water helps the body by removing those extra calories which can build up in the body. Drinking water during the meal would avoid the accumulation of calories. It suppresses any excess of appetite and controls the diet. Water also accelerates the metabolism of body by 3%. Studies show that an additional glass of water can check your weight.

Water acts as the medium to move the nutrients, the antibodies and the hormones through the bloodstream. Thus it helps with blood circulation. Finally, it cleans the system by flushing away the unnecessary.

Prevents Dehydration and Water Retention

For the healthy functioning of the body at least 8-12 glasses of water a day is a must. And the quantity ought to be increased during periods of physical activity or hot weather.

Lack of sufficient water can lead to dehydration. As a result, the fat level increases and illnesses like asthma, allergies, migraine, gastritis and hypertension appear. Joint pain, stomach pain and ulcers, back pain, low energy level etc. can also be due to dehydration. The efficiency of the digestive system decreases for want of water and the body starts conserving water (water retention).

Water the Brain

Studies show that dehydration can affect one mentally contributing to mental confusions and disorientation. Water is also essential for nerve impulse conduction, sensory awareness and perceptive thinking. It contrains stress and depression.

Plays its role in Digestion

Plenty of water is needed for proper digestion and a dehydrated body will suffer from constipation. In many cases, heartburn is also due to lack of enough water.

Did you know?

·Water has the duty of moistening our lungs and aids breathing. Deficit of water can thus cause respiratory problems like asthma.

·Water helps in removing toxins and waste products. If the water intake is less kidney stones may develop.

·Water in the body safeguards the joints and tissues from shock and injury. Hence joint pains can be a result of lack of water.

·Urinary tract can be infected due to insufficient water.

·Inadequate intake of water during pregnancy affects the supply of nutrients to the fetus, breast milk production etc.

·Water plays the role of toning the skin and the muscles. Adult acne can be a result of reduced water intake.

Do not replace water with soft drink or juices. The caffeine or sodium present in the former is not body-friendly. Alcohol causes fluid loss and calorie increase as per experts. Hence, water means pure uncontaminated drinking water. However, the concept of mineral water is still arbitrary.

An exception

Certain medical conditions may demand an increased or restricted quantity of water. Therefore, if you have any disorders or ailments it is advised that you consult your doctor before changing the amount of water intake.

-Aparna K V

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