Did You Know About Special Low-Glycaemic Rice for Diabetics?

January 06, 2008

Who said rice is not good for diabetes? Well have as much as you can with the new 'Herbal Rice' a ponni variety which has been treated with several Ayurvedic and medicinal herbs to give it anti-diabetic properties. The inventor is based in Tamil Nadu and calls it Dia-Rice.

It is super-news for south indians who cannot escape rice. Dia-Rice has been treated with 11 medicinal herbs and has been recognised to reduce or maintain sugar levels, by the National Institute of Vedic Sciences.

India alone accounts for 35 million people with diabetes and it is estimated that by the year 2025 it will reach 73.5 million as a result of longer life expectancy, sedentary lifestyle and changing dietary patterns. More than 194 million people worldwide are affected with diabetes and it is expected to reach 333 million by the year 2025.

There are several varieties of low-glycemic rice specially for diabetics that you can buy.   Try it now!

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