Dates Stamped on Our Herbal Products

May 23, 2008

Amidst all the information and articles, that I have been writing for you, there are plenty of product issues on which people write to me and need clarifications. Since this is an official blog for, I thought I should clear some common questions as and when they come.

Common Ques : My product came to me today and it has already expired. I see that the date stamped on the bottle has already passed. Please refund or replace.

Answer : I would like to clarify that we ALWAYS stamp the “Manufacturing” dates on the bottle. That is, the date which is stamped on the bottle is the date on which it was produced. So if you see May-08 stamped on the bottle, the product was made fresh and bottled in May 2008. The expiry, hence, is specified by a “Best Before” clause printed on the bottle. Most of our products carry the statement “Use Before 30 months from the date of Manufacturing stamped on the bottle”. So if a product is  stamped as May 2008, the product is good for use till November 2010.

Yes, I know this is different from the Nomenclature, that some of the Western Countries use on their bottles, but this is quite common in India. Moreover, we have clearly written everything on the label. Just because people are not used to reading the fine print, the small details are ignored by some.

We may change this in future, but I hope this explanation helps you to identify the production dates in a better fashion.

I apologise to people who have complained or faced problems.

- Puneet

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