Beauty Hygiene

November 30, 2009

nail_polish A visit to the salon makes you fresh, clean and pampered. But how fresh and clean is your salon?

During an AIDS awareness campaign, I was informed that AIDS and other infections can spread through tweezers, razors, sponges and black head remover tools. From that moment onwards, my sparing visits to the beauty salons saw me carrying a purse with towels, comps and some hair accessories. To the discomfort of my salonist, I made sure that they sterilised their tools and equipments before using them on me.


A trip to a beauty parlour is not just to spend some time on creams and aromas. It is a place to take a deep breath, to relax, and to pamper yourself. But, parlours are public places too, where a lot of germs hang around looking for new carriers. So, when you go out in to a parlour keep an eye open to see their sense of hygiene and to watch the techniques used. I have noticed that despite having pompous advertisements and colourful banners many beauty parlours look dirty inside and their owners lack cleanliness. Such a beauty parlour can easily be a home of bacterial, fungal and viral infections. comb A dirty comb can give you folliculitis, lice or a fungal infection while an non sterilised nail cutter can give you a nail infection. A used towel can cause skin rashes while poor quality beauty products can lead to allergies.

So, here’s a little help on how to see whether your salon is clean enough to clean you!

  • Do not select a parlour only because it was recommended by a close one or at the influence of a brand name.
  • Make sure the beauty parlour is well  lit and clean.
  • Watch out for dirty sheets and towels. Do they give you fresh ones? At best, carry your own towels and change clothes.
  • Do not thread your eyebrows if the salonist wets the thread with her saliva.
  • Do they clean the floor and surroundings simultaneously?
  • Do they sterilise their tools? salon
  • Are you given clean combs?
  • Do they use disposable waxing strips?
  • Do they take creams and other products in separate bowls for the clients? Are all products labelled ones? Do they store their products well?
  • How clean is your beautician and her practices?
  • Make sure that you know what products are going to be used on you before you lie down for a facial. Tell them beforehand if you are allergic to any product. I have had a beautician ask me back gently, “Why do you ask so many questions?”. Of course, I pay for it and I need to be certain that I am pampered and not infected. If she does not answer your questions well, walk out.
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