Are You Easily Bored? Easy Ways to Change Your Monotonous Life!

June 04, 2008

Monotonous lives, stress at work, unmet expectations on personal front are all familiar terminologies. There are days when we don’t feel like doing anything, not even looking at ourselves. These are the days when we probably miss office or are un-productive even if in office. These days are when we face the blues, that is we feel low. It could be on account of a trivial issue like an argument with our spouse or could be a major cause like the death of a near one. Whatever be the reason if the lows in mood lasts for no longer than a few days, it is not chronic depression and is only low mood.

The following can be adopted for fighting this blue and bringing back the zest and excitement in life.

1. Go for a walk: Generally when someone is in a low mood, he confines himself to the four walls of his room and this adds to boredom and lack of activity. On the other hand, a stroll outside would refresh the mind as fresh oxygen would revitalise the mind and body. Taking your spouse along, would further help it.

2. Dress up: If you look good would you feel good . Moreover your mind would be occupied to make you look and feel better. This is a productive activity and would make you realize your worth. So go ahead, wear your party dress and wear your make up as if your on top of the world.

3. Music: Music is melodious to the ears and calms the mind. Even if you are into rap or fast music your ears would enjoy something you really like and your mind would appreciate it and hence come out of boredom and monotony.

4. Cook or engage in a hobby: It may seem an awful idea to drag oneself into an activity when in a low. But believe me once you manage to get into the activity you would feel lot better. Cooking for your family itself would give you a high as you think about the delicious meal you would enjoy with your family.

5. Go for a hair cut or a Spa Treatment: Trying something different would return the spice in life. A new hair cut or a new hair color are some common ideas adapted. However the new cut looks, its important that you like the experience and the new look. Endulge in a Spa Therapy and take a break at your nearest Day-Spa.

6. Go shopping: If your spouse has given you the blue , return the red by shopping on his/her credit card.

7. Set a goal: Ideally this is the best alternative and is productive enough to help you achieve more in life, the way you want to.

7. Rearrange the furniture or decorate the house:

I’m sure at least a few ideas in the list above would have given you kicks already. If not, go ahead, think for some more. That would surely drag the blues away!

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