A Clean Car, Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

December 11, 2009

Nis Bright white teeth, a healthy looking skin, a set of clean nails and a neat kitchen are the signs of a healthy and hygienical individual. Well, that’s not all. A neat, well-vacuumed car also is an added feather to his or her cap of cleanliness and hygiene.

You spend money to wash the car and wipe it clean. But quite often, next to luxurious mansions, shiny carpets and clean yards you see dirty,smelly cars with scattered cheerios and rotten banana peels. Your family vehicle is your next home of comfort and happiness, and is often mercilessly neglected. You forget that it is where you spend a lot of time outside your home and office. You and your children inhale a lot of air inside your closed vehicle which could expose all of you to many health risks.


Quite unknowingly to you and your small ones, your vehicle could be a reservoir of allergens, dust mites and poisonous fumes from your smoke. A hygienically neglected vehicle may increase sinus infections, trigger off asthma, cause severe respiratory disorders, colds and coughs.

The allergens hanging around may disturb the lining of the eyes and to the contact lens wearers it may  even cloud their vision while driving. A dusty car with food particles makes a great jaunt for insects often found more harmful to children. You cannot ignore the choking hazard of children if you have so many unnoticed items thrown inside your vehicle and long forgotten. And a mother or father driver may not be able to supervise the little ones without getting her driving disturbed.

car beltRemember the smell of your new car and how different it looks and smells now. The smell of a new car is the result of PBDE, a toxic environmental pollutant used to soften the seats, arm coverings and other interior parts of the car. Some studies showed that when the car is parked in the hot sun these chemicals are released contributing to an unhealthy environment inside. These chemicals can lead to many health risks when inhaled for long along with dust mites. That simply means, vehicles not only cause outdoor pollution but also seriously toxify the body as well.

Maybe its time you took a look at your vehicle’s carpet, the dashboard and under the seat?

Cleaning the car regularly and whenever filthy, however, is a big priority if you have small children. While you care for your car look for damp mats, muddy floor mats, the trunk and the corners of the door. Parents of infants should feel the edges of seats for items that may have slipped away. Clean the rubber mats in soapy water and dry them under the sun. Vacuum the seats and mats, and wipe the dashboard carefully. Next to active cleaning, take interest in using solar reflectors to reduce the chances of heating up your automobile. As far as possible, park your vehicle in shade and ventilate it often.

Always, consider your vehicle as a part of your home and keep it clean and healthy!

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